Sunday, May 3, 2009


I'm trying to convince my friends to join twitter. It's been going around for a while, but I've never succumbed to joining. Until today. Because for some strange odd reason, I felt the need to have an outlet to scream what I know, and an outlet to track what my friends are up to without always having to ask.

I see this as a sort of social experiment -- will people actually update their twitters? As one friend mentioned, it seems like selling out to join. I agree on some level -- some people take it way overboard and "tweeting" sounds awfully like something I don't want to be doing. And it seems narcissistic to think that people actually want to know what you're doing 24/7. But on some level it seems like an awfully convenient way of just keeping track of things for yourself, too. For someone with a terrible memory like me, this can be a good thing -- I never seem to remember when I did something.

The whole 140 character thing does seem a wordy person, this seems like it'll just be a project in concision.

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